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The past year I have been working on a lot of things to “reboot” Beyond the Charts, and I’m not fully there yet, as well as having to endure some personal issues which have really taken up a lot of my time. As such, this blog has been on hiatus for almost a year now, so it needs to get started again. And since I’m retooling things, let me announce that this will no longer be known as “The Blog of The Lost Journeyman”. For quite some time now I have been signing my e-mails with “Chartsman” underneath my name and I think that fits with this much better, so starting with this post this will be “The Blog of The Chartsman”, and I can’t think of a better way to start out but to take part in a “blog hop”.

Here at The Blog of The Chartsman you find the vocal part of Beyond the Charts which I, David James – Chartsman, do as a way to help market a niche market. I’m very much a person that believes in the God of the Bible and Jesus as the Christ with the indwelling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and I am also a HUGE fan of Speculative Fiction such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Cyber-punk, etc., and I love listening to harder edge and non-traditional music as well as classical. Since there are both Speculative Fiction and the type of music I like which honor my Faith without being what I would consider “preachy”, I tend to like that stuff along with the other more “mainstream” stories and music I enjoy.

Beyond the Charts is a way of bridging the gap between the Mainstream and Christian markets where it comes to Speculative Fiction and non-traditional music. My business endeavors and skills with marketing cause me to want to see anyone in these niche markets which wants to succeed to have that success in a great way, so I include that in with Beyond the Charts as well. I also believe that we need to be motivated and have the correct mindset in order to accomplish anything, so I endorse teachings and methods toward that end as well.

Realm Makers is coming up in May, and I see Realm Makers as a great way of exploring one of the areas I love which is Speculative Fiction written by Christians from a Christian perspective but without the “hit you over the head with a Bible” mentality. Becky Minor is the one behind it all. So welcome to The Blog of The Chartsman…..Becky Minor!!

Becky Minor

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  1. Thanks for this interview, David! I hope your reboot brings good traffic and helps us both meet new folks we haven’t crossed paths with yet.

    • I hope so too, Becky. I’m not one that “regularly blogs” when I blog, but I see the value of a blog. Guess I just don’t like telling everyone all my secrets. 😉

  2. Great interview, guys! And, yeah, I’m all about the bacon. 🙂

  3. Great interview! And I love the mission statement of Realm Makers. I was hoping to work it into my blog post somehow, but couldn’t squeeze it in. 😉 It’s nice knowing the backstory of its creation.

    • Thanks for coming by, Nadine! I’m glad that David asked that as well.

      • For me it’s always interesting seeing what people are thinking about when they come up with things. Some times the things which are the most popular and make a lot of money are the ones which took the most planning. And then some times you get people that are seemingly doing things on the fly. In reality, their subconscious is working for them and they operate from it with their “off the cuff” ideas. They can wind up making a bunch of money too. In the end, it’s how we affected those around us though which counts the most. God knows I’ve had my share of mistakes over the years. I find that by listening to the people succeeding it causes me to grow and be more success oriented than before, even if it’s just “that” much more. Every step is in the right direction as long as I am moving forward. That’s why I asked the question the way I did. 🙂

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