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I’ve had to shut the store website of Beyond the Charts down for the foreseeable future. It will be back up after I’ve had a chance to do some things with it. Most are minor things, with only one major thing in mind. The look will be the same unless I find something outstanding to change it to that is not outrageously priced. Occasionally during this time I may put up temporary pages for special deals that will be available only for a limited time. It is my hope that once I have Beyond the Charts back up that it will be the online experience I was intending it to be when I launched it October of last year. I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone, as my time battling the shopping cart system I originally installed wasn’t what I was after when I started this and has greatly disappointed me too.

You can still come here to The Blog of The Lost Journeyman to keep track of what’s going on with Beyond the Charts, as well as The Wasteland forum and discuss the various topics that generate there. If you’re registered at the forum, then you are automatically on the newsletter list. If you haven’t registered there and you want to be on the newsletter, either register there or send me an e-mail at

Rest assured that Beyond the Charts has not gone away entirely, and that the best is yet to come!

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts
Independent Marketer – The Trump Network
Member – The New Authors Fellowship

All month long with the first month that I’ve launched Beyond the Charts I’ve had to deal with increasing computer problems. I already had been dealing with it all summer long as I led up to launch time, but it just kept getting worse and worse. I kept hoping this month I’d make enough sales that I’d be able to take a portion of the profits and put a down-payment for a new computer at a store I’ve been looking over computers at. That down-payment still hasn’t happened and I’ve had more bills stack up.

The computer I have runs on Windows 2000 and is slower than an ant that’s crawled onto the back of a snail for a ride. For some time now I’ve been dealing with error messages that don’t seem to mean anything other than just be aggravating as I keep clicking “OK” for everything I want to do, and sometimes more than once or twice for the same function. Pages wouldn’t pull up at the speed I’d want them to, and in general things have not been easy. Trying to add products to the website has become such a hassle that I haven’t even tried for a few weeks now.

My own mother let me use her computer and for a couple of nights there things were just fine and then she had to replace the harddrive when it crashed. She apparently had not been using virus protection for sometime and just thought that installing it before I showed up would be just fine. Once she got a new harddrive, I tried working on it again, but she hadn’t downloaded everything she needed and didn’t know what she needed, so I gave up on that since I couldn’t put products on my site using her computer anymore.

Meantime, I had told all of you that I was going to put up some specific blog entries and with all the computer problems I never did.

Today I removed my virus protection and reinstalled it while on the phone with the company over a problem I was having with it. Now I don’t have the error messages popping up anymore. That wasn’t what I called them for, but it sure is nice not having to deal with them now. My computer’s still slow, but with those error messages gone it seems a little faster now.

I’ll post a blog tonight about G.I.JOE and include a price for the DVD and Blu-Ray if you want to buy it from me.

Through the next week I should be posting blogs on Kevin J. Anderson’s Terra Incognita Book 1: The Edge of the World, an author profile of Eric Wilson, and a company profile of Marcher Lord Press. I don’t know if they will be posted in that order or not, but those are what you should expect to see here in the blog over the next seven days. Also, I will be putting up a press release about Marcher Lord Press that I may put up before I post the company profile about them.

If you haven’t gone to Beyond the Charts yet or lately, just click here: If there’s anything you don’t see there that you want to get, just send me a message and I’ll add it to the site for you. If you want it, others might too.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to be of service to you for much time to come.

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts, LLC