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The past year I have been working on a lot of things to “reboot” Beyond the Charts, and I’m not fully there yet, as well as having to endure some personal issues which have really taken up a lot of my time. As such, this blog has been on hiatus for almost a year now, so it needs to get started again. And since I’m retooling things, let me announce that this will no longer be known as “The Blog of The Lost Journeyman”. For quite some time now I have been signing my e-mails with “Chartsman” underneath my name and I think that fits with this much better, so starting with this post this will be “The Blog of The Chartsman”, and I can’t think of a better way to start out but to take part in a “blog hop”. Read More »

Iscariot by Tosca LeeAfter a hiatus of posting on here, I can’t think of a better thing to do than post a book review, and I can’t think of a better book to review right now than Tosca Lee’s Iscariot, especially since this weekend is quite relevant to it.



His name brings up so many automatic thoughts to mind.

Betrayer. 30 pieces of silver. Kiss on the cheek. And other thoughts.

In her book, “Iscariot”, New York Times Bestselling Author Tosca Lee is able to give us another word to associate with him.


She was able to show how much Judas really loved Jesus and looked to Him to be the awaited Messiah promised in the Scriptures. She was able to show how much Jesus really loved Judas and cared for him even though He knew this was the man to betray Him later.

She starts with Judas as a child to show how he would become the man he became, then delves in to the actions of that man which then leads him first to John the Baptist, but ultimately to Jesus of Nazerath. Then she delves into the growth of his relationship with Jesus and leads up to what everyone knows will happen. Even so, when you get there, chances are your heart will be as wrenched as mine was.

She used a ton of research into the historical time period and the ins and outs of the Pharisees to show all of this. Based on history, the likelihood of Judas growing up and doing what he did the way Tosca Lee shows him growing up and doing it is very plausible.

Even more plausible is how she causes the reader to realize that if one were put in the same position, one would have done the same.

This book gets my highest recommendation. I think everyone should get this, read this, and let their viewpoints of the most reviled man in history be changed forever.

Follow this link to see my one on one sit down interview with Tosca Lee at her book signing in Atlanta and some extra footage too.

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It’s inevitable. And it happens all too frequently. But it’s the person who adapts to change and keeps going forward that not only survives but can even thrive.

I’ve had a lot of changes happen in my life, and it seems that my life isn’t going to stop changing any time soon.

I find it interesting how I always seem to know how to talk so much when I’m around others in person, but to type up a blog entry to share my thoughts? I have trouble with that for some reason. Something else I’ll need to change.

Right now I’m watching Avatar while I type this up. It’s playing on HBO. Jake has just been accepted into the Na’vi tribe and they’re doing the fractal form thing where they all put hands on him by each putting hands on the other one in front of them. If you’ve seen the movie, then you know that this was one of the many turning points where things kept changing him from a crippled man with no hope to the courageous leader of the Na’vi.

Avatar Jake

I may not have to go through that drastic of a change, but I do wonder what other changes await me as my own path reveals itself?

Time will tell as they say.

Six years ago on the seventh of January, I went to the courthouse with Mwiche Kalinda and we became man and wife.

There was no crowd of people that we knew cheering us on, no minister that we had hired, no special suit for me or dress for her, and no photographer around either to capture the moment. Just a crowd of other couples ready for their vows, a judge that kept the line of couples moving as each one stepped forward to say their “I do”, and a lot of nervousness, excitement, and love felt between me and my new wife Mwiche James.

Mwiche James

As with all couples, we’ve had our ups and downs, our arguments and make-ups, and we’ve had our secrets that aren’t spoken of to anyone else. And we’ve had our faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to help us through things.

Today, we have two children, a boy and a girl. David James II is going to be 5 years old come March 2nd, and Tehilla James is going to be 2 years old come June 23rd.

D.J. and Tehilla

We went from being two people going to a courthouse to four people making up a loving family.

The James Family

And on Friday, the kids stayed with my mom as my wife and I went out to have an evening together that we haven’t had in quite some time.

We went driving for a distance to eat at the Olive Garden and had a pleasant time talking on the way down. No radio. No CDs. No kids. Just the two of us being able to talk without interruption. Doesn’t happen as often as we would like and we took full advantage of it. The wait at the restaurant was almost an hour, but once we were in our seats the waiter was very nice and took care of all our dining needs. We talked less at that point, but when we did it coupled the great emotion we both felt as we knew that we loved each other just as much now, if not more, than we did on the day we went to that courthouse.

Upon leaving the restaurant, we decided not to take in a movie after all because of the lateness so we left to go home. Before we got to the highway though we thought we’d stop at the Super Wal-Mart to get a few things. As she went in, I chose to stay outside a bit to let my stomach settle some and told her I’d join her in a bit. After I began to get cold, I decided to go inside. We walked around Wal-Mart a bit more for some other things and then left for home.

Once home, we completed the night the way a married couple should and afterward went to bed.

Then, later on, I found out the hard way why it’s called “Dinner and a movie” and not “Dinner and a walk around Super Wal-Mart” as my stomach was not as settled as I had thought.

My wife was very understanding and let me sleep in quite late – even for me – because of my restless night.

And that’s just one of the many things that reminds me of why I love this woman that I have been married to now for six years and counting.

Me and Mwiche