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Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of my blog! I do hope that you all enjoy getting together with friends and family and enjoy whatever food you decide to eat (turkey for us!) as we remember the heritage of this nation.

Some of you may have wondered after my last entry if I not only forgot to plug into my cell phone about doing another post on here, but that maybe I lost my whole calendar!

Never to fear, I’ve just been tied up with a lot of things I’ve been working on and have been demanding my attention in one way or another.

I have a new business endeavor I haven’t officially started yet, but prepping for it took up some time during the month of October. This month of November has been dedicated toward another business endeavor with a particular goal in mind for the end of the month. Throughout it all, I’ve had several stressful situations of varying degrees occur which took up any time I would have put toward this blog and a couple of other pleasant things in my life such as just sitting back each night with a good novel to read before I go to bed.

So, enough of that, I’m sure you are wondering what all is going on with Beyond the Charts.

Well, as you should be aware, I’m taking pre-orders for “GRO$$ OUT!! – Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000”

This is a Limited – Signed and Numbered – Hardback Edition sold only through Beyond the Charts which will be released at full price in March 2012.

The first pre-order price (which all prices include shipping and handling) was at $25 ($35 international) at the beginning of September. It went up in October and now in November it is at $35 ($45 international). If that sounds a little high, just remember that it IS a hardback edition, and if you’ve taken a look at hardbacks, even the latest Stephen King novel is almost $35 in hardback. And that’s WITHOUT shipping and handling. Mine includes shipping. And it’s a Limited Edition. Signed by myself as the author. So the rarity does demand a respective price.

Even so, I am making a special price just for Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

For 24 hours I will have the pre-order price be at the lowest it has ever been from the website at $22 ($32 international) and that STILL includes shipping and handling.

I’m also offering select prizes to certain people that order including not having to pay for the book! That’s right, some people will be able to get the book for FREE!!!

All the info you need for this Black Friday Sale can be found at Beyond the Charts, so be sure to go there to look it all over, and be sure to come back after you’ve eaten some turkey so you can pre-order yourself the book which will help you make some sales of your product this next year!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have a great weekend, and I hope to see your name in my inbox as someone I’ll be sending a signed copy of my book to in March! 🙂

Today is Thanksgiving and I hope that you have been having a good one. As such I won’t take up too much space here and just post the prizes that will be offered to the winner of the new contest.

 – The first three Terminator movies starring Arnold himself, all off my own shelf and only been viewed by me.

 – Issues 1 through 7 of the limited series Identity Crisis by DC that came out in 2004

 – An unopened G.I.*JOE action figure that was a limited mail-in offer in 2007 for the 25th anniversary of the smaller figures for G.I.*JOE. The figure is of “Doc” and is still inside the original G.I.*JOE packaging which is still inside the original plastic sealing that includes two bubbles that each have a different insignia on it: a military star and the Cobra symbol. This is a reissuing of the “Doc” action figure and was ONLY available by mail-in order. This is being touted on e-Bay for starting prices that range from $9.99 to $19.99 and Buy Now prices on the level of $39.99, but if you win this contest, you will get the one that was sent to me personally and that has never been opened beyond the white box that it was mailed in to confirm the contents.

Those are the prizes I will send the winner of the contest and I’ll probably throw in some additional extras as I feel like it when I ship it off.

The contest will run through Christmas Day. I look forward to seeing who will win this one!

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts

From the beginning of Thanksgiving Day to the end of Christmas Day Beyond the Charts is holding a new contest.

Anyone who makes a purchase of $100.00 or more will be entered into the contest. Each additional purchase of $100.00 or more will grant another entry into the contest. Purchases of less than $100 for people purchasing Membership 2 memberships are as follows: Anyone purchasing two Membership 2 memberships that does not already have one (one for self and one for friend) will be entered one time for below the $100 amount. Any Members at Membership 2 level can purchase another Membership 2 for a friend along with $50 worth of merchandise and will also be entered one time for below the $100 amount. All other entries after that by Members must be at $100 or more.

The contest is simple: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, anyone that has been entered into the contest is valid for winning. After the contest is over, a winner will be selected at random and will be contacted privately. On New Year’s Eve the winner will be announced and will be sent the prizes. If winner doesn’t contact Beyond the Charts back by Dec. 28th to confirm, an alternate winner will be selected.

When placing an order, make sure both your e-mail address and phone number are included so that if you win and can’t be reached by e-mail, you can hopefully be reached by phone.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I will post an update and list all the prizes that the winner will get.

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts, LLC