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Pig At Conference

I think I’d have to check with the university’s policies. My bet is the pig would definitely run into problems in terms of housing. It’s hard to find roommates for farm animals.

Maybe if they let cows stay too. Maybe you can get Chick-Fil-A to sponsor the event.

And then we could get them to put children’s books written by our attendees in kids meals, but we’d also need to add a spelling and grammar class for the cows.

Yes, definitely. And if you have Chick-Fil-A as a sponsor you’ll need to house chickens too. Sounds like we have the beginnings of Old McDonald Had A Farm In Outer Space, doesn’t it?

I guess we better just keep it at bacon, then. Usually a safe bet.

Probably so, otherwise Kerry Nietz might have another crazy novel on his hands.

You mean no one has yet written a novelization of Pigs in Space? Someone should get on it…oh, wait. Muppets. Disney. I’m sure the rights would be tied up in legal for years.

Which is why Old McDonald would work so much better.

With keynote speakers such as Jeff Gerke and Tosca Lee occurring during the first two years the bar has been set pretty high. Also, with it having a start with novels you have a strong base, yet you indicated earlier about expanding into the other arts. What do you see coming in future years of Realm Makers? Who would be a dream keynote speaker?

Well, for folks who follow the facebook page for the conference, the name Frank Peretti has come up now and again. The goal to have him keynote for us some day burns with the heat of a thousand suns in my soul. (OK a little hyperbole there.) Seriously, though…Mr. Peretti was definitely my introduction to spiritual warfare as a genre, and having him would be amazing.

I would also love to have Brad Bird (PIXAR director) as a keynoter, but I don’t know if he really does that kind of thing. If we can expand into film, he’s another one of my dream faculty members. Film is a trickier content area though, because we would really have to make inroads into the general market of an industry with which I have few ties, now that I’m no longer an animator myself.

Maybe someone you knew when you were an animator can still be an inroad, and who knows just who will show up at Realm Makers in the future that might know someone, eh?

And Frank Peretti being a keynote speaker sounds like a great idea!

What would you say is the one takeaway you want people to get from this conference regardless of which class they attend, the people they meet, what conversations do or do not take place, etc. What is it you hope people get out of this in the end?

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  1. Thanks for this interview, David! I hope your reboot brings good traffic and helps us both meet new folks we haven’t crossed paths with yet.

    • I hope so too, Becky. I’m not one that “regularly blogs” when I blog, but I see the value of a blog. Guess I just don’t like telling everyone all my secrets. 😉

  2. Great interview, guys! And, yeah, I’m all about the bacon. 🙂

  3. Great interview! And I love the mission statement of Realm Makers. I was hoping to work it into my blog post somehow, but couldn’t squeeze it in. 😉 It’s nice knowing the backstory of its creation.

    • Thanks for coming by, Nadine! I’m glad that David asked that as well.

      • For me it’s always interesting seeing what people are thinking about when they come up with things. Some times the things which are the most popular and make a lot of money are the ones which took the most planning. And then some times you get people that are seemingly doing things on the fly. In reality, their subconscious is working for them and they operate from it with their “off the cuff” ideas. They can wind up making a bunch of money too. In the end, it’s how we affected those around us though which counts the most. God knows I’ve had my share of mistakes over the years. I find that by listening to the people succeeding it causes me to grow and be more success oriented than before, even if it’s just “that” much more. Every step is in the right direction as long as I am moving forward. That’s why I asked the question the way I did. 🙂

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