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After a much longer hiatus than I intended, the excerpts of the marketing book are back! And as I am intending to start the pre-orders for this book in September, I will need to play “catch up” and post more excerpts so that you will have enough available come September that it will be as if I had never stopped the excerpts from appearing. 😉 That means there will be at least one excerpt a day leading to the September 1st blog post announcing the pre-order, and probably on a couple of days there will be more than one. 😉

If you’ve missed any of the previous excerpts, they are collected together for you. There are a few more to do for the Introduction, and after that I will start posting excerpts from Chapter 1.

Indeed, today’s excerpt is like a good swift kick in the pants to myself for not having posted excerpts over the last month here. As you read on, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Read More »