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Earlier this week I posted the first excerpt from the marketing book I will be releasing soon. I started with the Introduction. In the Introduction I cover the basic questions and apply them to the application of marketing your product to the consumer. You know the basic questions – Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Today I’ll present an excerpt from the part covered under “Who?” Read More »

Last week in my July Update I mentioned the upcoming business and marketing book that I will be releasing. Tonight I begin a series of excerpts which should more or less keep going until I actually release the book. The excerpts will be in rough fashion so the final content may not be what you read here on this blog, but what I do hope that it gives you is a good sense of what to expect from the book while leaving plenty out that I hope will leave you wanting more. Naturally, if you want more, you’ll need to keep coming back here for more excerpts, and if you really want more, you’ll have to get the book. 😉 What follows is an excerpt from the Introduction to the book. As all excerpts will be posted in chronological order as they should appear in the book (upon the current status, the chronology may or may not change during editing) then I believe it’s only fitting that we start with the Introduction. Read More »