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I have several thousand comicbooks available RIGHT NOW FOR SALE!!

I have never done this before and it probably won’t happen again any time soon, so you should take advantage of this as I am selling my PERSONAL COLLECTION of comicbooks which vary in rarity and selection.

This sale is to take place over Read More »

Today is Thanksgiving and I hope that you have been having a good one. As such I won’t take up too much space here and just post the prizes that will be offered to the winner of the new contest.

 – The first three Terminator movies starring Arnold himself, all off my own shelf and only been viewed by me.

 – Issues 1 through 7 of the limited series Identity Crisis by DC that came out in 2004

 – An unopened G.I.*JOE action figure that was a limited mail-in offer in 2007 for the 25th anniversary of the smaller figures for G.I.*JOE. The figure is of “Doc” and is still inside the original G.I.*JOE packaging which is still inside the original plastic sealing that includes two bubbles that each have a different insignia on it: a military star and the Cobra symbol. This is a reissuing of the “Doc” action figure and was ONLY available by mail-in order. This is being touted on e-Bay for starting prices that range from $9.99 to $19.99 and Buy Now prices on the level of $39.99, but if you win this contest, you will get the one that was sent to me personally and that has never been opened beyond the white box that it was mailed in to confirm the contents.

Those are the prizes I will send the winner of the contest and I’ll probably throw in some additional extras as I feel like it when I ship it off.

The contest will run through Christmas Day. I look forward to seeing who will win this one!

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts