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This is continuing in the series of excerpts from the marketing book I will be releasing soon. These first excerpts are from the Introduction where I cover the basic questions of Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? and apply them to the application of marketing your product to the consumer. Today I’ll present an excerpt from the part covered under “Where?”

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Obviously, there are some basic answers such as “a book is sold in a bookstore” and “music is sold at the music store”, yet how many times have you been searching for that little known author or musician and couldn’t find them at the store you were in?

If the store doesn’t carry what you’re looking for – even if what you’re looking for is well within the parameters of what the store would carry – then what do you do?

You look elsewhere.

And it’s in the “elsewhere” places where you are probably going to have to decide for your product if you don’t have better distribution. And even if you have good distribution, the point of this book is to ensure sales, not leave things to chance, so even if Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, Hot Topic, Best Buy, and whoever each had one copy per store (online or otherwise) of whatever your product is, what if it doesn’t sell?

You are the only one that can absolutely ensure the sale of your product.

You are the only one that will know where else you can go to sell your product other than “normal” outlets.

You are the only one that can go there and physically hand a customer a copy of your product and sign it for them with a personalized signature.

If you don’t do this, then who will?

You have to know where your product is going to be sold and if you don’t know, or the place it’s at wouldn’t be the best place, then you have to decide………

***to read more of this passage you must own the book***

(The above is a brief excerpt from the forthcoming book “GRO$$ OUT!! – Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000” and is in an early draft stage and may not reflect the exact wording of the book once it’s in print)

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