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I have several thousand comicbooks available RIGHT NOW FOR SALE!!

I have never done this before and it probably won’t happen again any time soon, so you should take advantage of this as I am selling my PERSONAL COLLECTION of comicbooks which vary in rarity and selection.

This sale is to take place over the next 7 DAYS.


The SALE is IN BUNDLES with FIXED PRICES you will see below. NO NEGOTIATIONS on how many comics you get for the same price and NO NEGOTIATIONS on the price. You either can pay for them, or you can’t. The prices and bundles have a nice range anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The comicbooks range from DC to MARVEL to IMAGE with a heavy amount being Marvel and most of them being from the 90s although there are quite a bit from the 80s and the 2,000s in there also.

You will find X-MEN, AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, SPAWN, and many, many other characters that are popular and famous as well as great stories told of lesser known characters. The vast majority of these are in MINT/NEAR MINT condition, and most of those are at least in bags and most of those have backing boards too. The ones without bags or backing boards vary in condition.

NO CONDITION IS PROMISED. ONLY COMICBOOKS. All comicbooks will be pulled RANDOMLY, and there are NO NEGOTIATIONS for which comicbooks you wind up with.

For larger orders I will attempt to have as many “complete” tales as possible as I’m pulling them, but as it is on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED basis, if you are wanting to ensure having a more cohesive set, you should order early and order more. You still won’t be able to pick out which ones you get, but I will make a STRONGER ATTEMPT to give sets that are as complete as possible to those that order as such.

You MUST be able to MAKE PAYMENTS using electronic means through PAYPAL. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, one can be easily set up at

PAYPAL is a HIGHLY TRUSTED form of making payments for business or transferring money to friends. If you don’t have an account with them yet, then let me suggest to you that it would be a wise idea.

The PAYPAL ACCOUNT you will be sending money to for payment IS NOT THE SAME AS the E-MAIL ADDRESS BELOW, so DON’T attempt to SEND money THERE as that is NOT WHERE YOU would SEND MONEY.

YOU MUST E-MAIL ME for confirmation of availability BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT as I expect these comicbooks to MOVE QUICKLY for those that are interested. Once I’ve CONFIRMED AVAILABILITY, then, and only then, will I TELL YOU WHERE TO SEND the money via PAYPAL.

You can e-mail me at to check on availability.

The comicbook bundles and the prices:

10 comics for $10 plus $7 shipping
25 comics for $20 plus $7 shipping
50 comics for $40 plus $12 shipping
100 comics for $70 plus $15 shipping
150 comics for $100 plus $18 shipping
250 comics for $150 plus $25 shipping
500 comics for $250 plus $30 shipping

All shipping prices are for U.S.A. orders ONLY and is done with the U.S.A. dollar rate. Extra shipping is required for orders out of country and I will still “hold” comics for you and get the exact price for shipping to your neck of the woods so that you will know how much to send. I have no intention of withholding good reads from my friends elsewhere in the world. 🙂

Again, this is FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED and I expect these to move very quickly and be sold out in the next week. That’s why this sale is only good for 7 DAYS.

Don’t forget to contact me first before sending payment. I don’t want you sending a $500 payment for 1,000 comics only to find out that I have only 300 left.

When you contact me, tell me how many comicbooks you are wanting. If the amount is a combination of two or more bundles – for example, you tell me you want 85 comics which is a combination of the first three bundles – then shipping will be adjusted as needed. I will contact you back with the amount you will need to send to PAYPAL and you will have 24 HOURS to send in your payment.

Once you send your payment, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds will be processed. If you cannot afford this sale in any way whatsoever, you shouldn’t take part in it.

I mean that. If you like comicbooks and can’t afford 10 bucks for 10 comics, then you need to get off the computer at the library and go find a way to get some money for food and shelter because you probably have greater problems than not having money for some minor entertainment to be sent your way.

The sale starts IMMEDIATELY and will last until all comicbooks are sold which I believe will happen in 7 DAYS OR LESS. So if you want any of these, act now! Time is short and the supply is limited even if plenty is available as I type these words.

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