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Wow. The past two weeks have been extremely busy for me.

Last weekend I was at a business seminar in Chicago with this awesome group I’m with where I learned the simplicity of building a strong business over 2 to 5 years where massive income is generated by the end of that period and how it will just keep on growing in the years to come. It was appropriately titled, “How to Create a Perpetual Money Making Machine” and was held at the Hyatt. The irony was that the same weekend a sci-fi convention was being held featuring among other people two guests I got to speak briefly to in the hallways: Robert Picardo and Dirk Benedict. I’m glad I had not known about that one ahead of time or I might have been a bit torn on the matter as to which one to attend. 😉 In either case, I’m sure I’ll see them again in the future at other conventions such as Dragon*Con or ComicCon.

On the drive out there I had a flat and couldn’t find my jack and tire iron. Whose bright idea was it to put it under the back seat? I had no idea that I could lift up the back seat to look underneath it for such a thing. Usually they’re in the same place as the spare with vehicles I’ve had or have driven before. As the vehicle was a used vehicle over a decade old that I had only had for over a year and a half I had no idea I needed to look there.

As a result, I called on 911 for help which then transferred me to State Patrol. Note that I was just a couple of exits shy of being in Kentucky and this was Tennessee near Jellico if you happen to know the area.

After about 30 minutes of waiting I called 911 again for the transfer and was informed the officer was on his way and would arrive shortly. 15 minutes later he arrived and tooted his siren at me. I had no idea what he expected so I waved my hand out the window and he tooted again. So I got out figuring maybe he wanted to meet halfway. As I stood between our two cars I waved again. Then he stuck his arm out of his window and pointed over the top of his car to the passenger side.

Honestly, I thought he was shooting a bird at me at first. His hand was that big. Maybe he was and hoped I wouldn’t notice.

So I went over there where I found a window already rolled down for me.

He asked me what the trouble was and that let me know right there how the conversation was to go. I had clearly explained things to the operator and had asked them to make sure the officer would have a jack and tire iron so I could change my tire.

The officer was a huge guy that looked younger than I am with sunglasses on that covered more than his eyes and he kept looking ahead instead of turning to face me. Also, he had an empty Mountain Dew bottle that he kept spitting his tobacco saliva in. Real professionalism here folks.

When I told him what I needed and that I had mentioned this to the operator he informed me that they don’t help people that way and that we should call a wrecker for assistance. I told him that I thought that was a ridiculous notion since I was able bodied enough to change the tire if he had brought the right tools. After all, why did it take almost an hour to get to me after my first call if he wasn’t trying to track down such tools to begin with?

So I suggested we use the one from his trunk that came with his car. He said that he didn’t think the car had one. I then suggested he should check because after all, if he got a flat, wouldn’t he want to get moving as soon as possible?

What do you know? He actually got his fat ass out of the car and opened the trunk. And what do you know further? A jack and tire iron of sorts was back there.

I jacked up my vehicle, but the one size fits all tire iron was apparently too big for the nuts on my tires, so I had to unjack it and tell him to call the wrecker as I didn’t know what else to do at that point.

(There’s a really bad joke brewing in that last paragraph there)

The officer told me it would be one price, but the wrecker charged me more than that and wouldn’t take a credit card for payment. Not having cash on me, we had to drive up to the Jellico exit (just south of Kentucky) and I had to find a place to cash out without enduring ATM fees. Basically, I needed a store I could purchase a pack of gum at and get cash back with.

At a Rite Aid, I found a lady that was nice enough to let me get $100 off my card without making a purchase at all. I had never seen that happen before and thought that was really nice of her. I hope she didn’t get in trouble for it.

I paid the guy and we went our separate ways.

Talk about your case of literal highway robbery. Wow. Just to change a dang tire.

The whole thing was rather amusing really, and I had to laugh at myself later for not knowing about looking under the seat for the tire iron and jack. If I had looked there I would have saved myself some trouble.

In the end though, I made it to Chicago and back on a doughnut tire and enjoyed my time at the seminar. I got to meet a lot of great people there and have connections now that I would not have had otherwise. Not to mention the fact that I got the best training in the world on how to build a successful business.

As I know some of you have been following my excerpts from my upcoming book, know that they will resume this next week and pre-sales are scheduled to begin most likely in September at this point.

Also, I’ve got a massive comicbook sale that I will be posting on here tomorrow (if you’re Friends with me on Facebook, you can see it tonight) and it will be on a first come/first served basis. I’ve literally got thousands of comicbooks that have to be moved this next week, so if you have been wanting some or know someone that does, this is the sale you’ve been waiting for!

Until then, everyone have a great weekend, and may all your dreams become your reality!

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