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Earlier this week I posted the first and second of what will be a series of excerpts from the marketing book I will be releasing soon. I started with the Introduction. In the Introduction I cover the basic questions and apply them to the application of marketing your product to the consumer. You know the basic questions – Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Today I’ll present an excerpt from the part covered under “What?”

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Some people do art just for the sake of art. They paint pictures, create stories, take photographs, come up with costumes, and they ENJOY it. They’re doing it because they like what they are doing, and they don’t care if they earn one red cent from it. They share what they do with family and friends and have no aspirations of anyone else ever seeing what they do. They volunteer for church plays, local community gatherings, and are probably the first to volunteer to drive the boys in the neighborhood to their boy scout meeting for the weekend.

Those people probably aren’t even reading this book.

You are.

If you have done any artwork at all, or are looking to do some you would consider meaningful and not just playing around, then chances are you want to sell it in some fashion. You either have a book you want to get published, some songs you want distributed through a music label, artwork you think should be reproduced and sold in galleries worldwide as well as in books, or whatever type of art you do and the way you see it getting out there.

So why is it that you are willing to settle for just a little money instead of income that can keep you from going to a day job anymore?

If you aren’t willing to go out and make money with this, then keep it as a hobby and don’t bother even PRETENDING to sell it.

I’m not going to promise you millions here. Most people don’t get that in the art business anyway. Heck, most barely scratch anything. But if you are seriously wanting to make some sales and get………

***to read more of this passage you must own the book***

(The above is a brief excerpt from the forthcoming book “GRO$$ OUT!! – Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000” and is in an early draft stage and may not reflect the exact wording of the book once it’s in print)

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Excerpt: Introduction > When? > When Should You Be Ready To Market? =====>
<===== Excerpt: Introduction > Who? > Who Do You Listen To?


  1. Thaaaaats funny! It’s funny considering my message back to you prior to reading this. However, I am motivated to stand out and make a living at writing books. It may take a couple before I hit my stride. And if someone thinks one might make a good movie then I shall keep the rights to those with first option to write the script, seein’ as how I done that before. Pay for screenplays can be quite lucrative.

    No taste of meat yet in your excerpts. Just that infuriatingly enticing sniff of aroma. You are such a tease!

    • Yep, that is funny. I had just read your message wondering if you were trying to say something, then I got your note over here. Irony of ironies, eh? 😉

      “No taste of meat yet”? Well, it is excerpts, and the Introduction so far at that, but the meat is there, yet I will of course hold back the “real” meat for people that actually get the book. 😉

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