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Earlier this week I posted the first excerpt from the marketing book I will be releasing soon. I started with the Introduction. In the Introduction I cover the basic questions and apply them to the application of marketing your product to the consumer. You know the basic questions – Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Today I’ll present an excerpt from the part covered under “Who?”

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We learn growing up that if we are to succeed as humans there are some people we need to listen to about some things regardless if we listen to them about everything.

I’m not going to ask my mother that hasn’t filed taxes in years what bracket I’m in. Would you?

I’m not going to go to my neighbor that lives in a one bedroom apartment and has never owned a piece of real estate to get advice on buying a house. Would you?

I’m not going to ask the officer who pulled me over for a possible traffic violation where the best place for cheap wine is. Would you?

In regard to marketing your product, who you listen to is vitally important to your success, and you need to surround yourself with those people in one form or another. This book is one way of surrounding yourself, but getting on e-mail lists of professionals in the field you want to succeed in as well as following their blogs, discussing in forums they frequent, and going places where you can meet these people in person is even more important, but is not the end of it all. There is much that you need to do to be sure you are listening to the right people. You want things to be dynamic and constantly flowing, not static with little change from the last time.

So who am I?

Well, first of all, I’m someone who has done many sales jobs of various capacities including marketing. I’ve done anything from telemarketing to door to door to retail promotions to learning from the best of the best with network marketing and direct sales as well as some travel sales and other forms of sales and marketing. I’ve had jobs that worked out really good and places I only stayed at for a day, one even only an hour. I’ve learned from a lot of mentors in various ways from reading books to being instructed in person, and I’ve also found that one of the best persons to learn from is: The Customer.

If you don’t learn from The Customer, then you won’t learn anything. It’s in the field where the real education happens. You can do everything I describe in this book exactly as you understand it from learning through book knowledge, but if you aren’t willing to adjust while “in the field” and learn from The Customer, then you just won’t succeed.

So be careful of who you listen to. It can determine………

***to read more of this passage you must own the book***

(The above is a brief excerpt from the forthcoming book “GRO$$ OUT!! – Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000” and is in an early draft stage and may not reflect the exact wording of the book once it’s in print)

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<===== Excerpt: Introduction To The Upcoming Business And Marketing Book


  1. Nice read. Getting enticing.

    • Glad to know you’re enjoying the excerpts so far. 🙂

      Feel free to point other people to this blog.

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