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Hello, all! Been a couple of months since I posted here, so I thought I’d get back to it again with an update for everyone.

Messy Desk

Today we’ll cover several items:

General info on Beyond the Charts
The marketing book
The novel
Becoming a Publisher
David’s personal life


Beyond the Charts is still very much alive even though not a lot of activity has been shown the last couple of months. I know that the main website hasn’t been updated for quite some time. A while back I had put in some work one night on updating the general look of the main website page by changing the font, putting up new info, readjusting links, and all of that. The colors would have been the same, but I was hoping the “feel” would be a bit different. Unfortunately, when I went to save it, I had to log back in because I had actually “timed out” somehow in the thing my website provider has available to put the code in. As a result, I lost all of those changes and just haven’t felt like getting back to it for some time. I had put a lot of time into it, and losing all of that work was really frustrating. But I’m hoping to soon get back to it, and this time I’ll save the info I type up so that if needed, I can just go back in and quickly reenter it all in. Probably what I should have done to begin with. 😉

Meantime, I’ve got to make some adjustments on the description of this blog in the “About” tag, the info area for the BTC Facebook page, and in general do a better job of getting this web presence looking nicer. And any of you out there that follow me on here, please let others know about this blog. It may not look perfect right now, yet as I am moving along with things more people need to know about it, and the more people that knows, the better for all of us.

What are some of the things I’m moving on about? Well, there’s the business and marketing aspect of Beyond the Charts. One of the things in that business and marketing aspect that I’ll talk more about it in a moment is a book I’m going to have pre-sales for soon that will help people that need to market themselves better. It’s geared to help you actually make sales and not just “make your presence known”. So if you’re interested in making sales of your art – whether it’s a novel, music, a painting, statues, etc. – or you know someone that is, then chances are you will be interested in this book when it comes available. I’m also offering marketing advice and editing services for writing, so please e-mail me at for more info on that. Also, besides the business and marketing end, I’m writing a novel which I hope to finish this year and I’m also working on establishing a publishing aspect to Beyond the Charts which will mainly focus on horror/suspense, but other genres may “creep in” from time to time. 😉

Click for The marketing book ===>



  1. Limited edition hardbacks? Drat. What are the chances of a nice Kindle or Nook edition? E-Books save trees and cost consumers less, but even better, the AUTHOR gets a much larger piece of the “pie”.

    • No plans for Kindle or Nook at this time. And the Limited Edition aspect does accomplish several things including saving on wasting of trees. After all, only so many will be printed. Once that is done, no more will be available. Quite unlike it is with books that just get reprinted and reprinted and reprinted on and on and so forth. Even in this day and age of technology, a lot of people still like a physical book they can have on their shelves. And I do want this to get to the people who really want the info, so if I put it on Kindle right away, then it may or may not get read along with all the other plethora of downloads. Yeah, I might make a lot more sales with more downloads, but I’m really interested in helping people here as well as making money. If I was only out to make money, I’d set a reasonable price on Smashwords, get a POD system set up for trade paperbacks, and let the machine roll. By doing it this way, those that get it will have something tangible that they really wanted and are more likely to pick up and can keep beyond when Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both gone out of business or has turned books into some sort of interactive software story or included visuals and voices and whatever that more resemble modern movies than the books written by authors.

  2. Sounds good! I would also encourage you to get a little more heavy-handed with your bio stuff, experience, anything that will contribute to your credibility as one to be heard on such matters. Although most blush at the idea of doing so and it seems braggadocio to do so, you must!

    -D Doyle Reynolds

    • Thanks, Doyle. Again, it’s a part of the update process as I change things on the “About” tag here, the Facebook page for BTC, and it will be in the book itself. Stay tuned. 😉

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