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It’s inevitable. And it happens all too frequently. But it’s the person who adapts to change and keeps going forward that not only survives but can even thrive.

I’ve had a lot of changes happen in my life, and it seems that my life isn’t going to stop changing any time soon.

I find it interesting how I always seem to know how to talk so much when I’m around others in person, but to type up a blog entry to share my thoughts? I have trouble with that for some reason. Something else I’ll need to change.

Right now I’m watching Avatar while I type this up. It’s playing on HBO. Jake has just been accepted into the Na’vi tribe and they’re doing the fractal form thing where they all put hands on him by each putting hands on the other one in front of them. If you’ve seen the movie, then you know that this was one of the many turning points where things kept changing him from a crippled man with no hope to the courageous leader of the Na’vi.

Avatar Jake

I may not have to go through that drastic of a change, but I do wonder what other changes await me as my own path reveals itself?

Time will tell as they say.

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