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I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season no matter what holiday you are celebrating, and I hope we’re all going to celebrate the New Year!  Myself, I’m getting ready for Christmas next week and I’m having to realize that my plans and goals for Beyond the Charts are not working out quite as I had planned.

Life – both personally and professionally – has just gotten in the way every time I turned around and prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do.

– I had thought I’d be more consistent with getting the products on the site; I have not.
– I had thought I’d be blogging on here, posting on the Facebook Fan page, and Tweeting on Twitter, as well as keeping you updated on the Skinny section of the Beyond the Charts website; I have not.
– I had thought I would have had about five specific blog entries done even two months ago; I have not.
– I had thought I would have had more sales by now; I have not.

So, I’m taking things a bit differently as I restructure myself for the coming New Year.

I’m going to keep the main website up for the purposes I have it for already and will add products about once or twice a month until I can hire someone to assist in adding products on a more regular basis. I will add other sites for the other purposes I will be including into what makes up Beyond the Charts that I will speak of in a future post.

One thing I will speak of now that I will talk more of in the future is that I have found an awesome opportunity to make some serious money that has caused me to leave a company I’ve been working with – and getting very little results – for a few years now. No other opportunity would have caused me to do this because I was serious about sticking it out with what I was doing as I saw other people around me making money with it.

This opportunity is being done by a businessman that if I mentioned his name you would know exactly who I was talking about. For anyone out there that has any kind of entrepreneural streak at all, this is THE business to get into, and NOW is the time to get into it as it was just launched this year and the GROWTH already is outstanding and experts say that in the next two years more millionaires will be made from this opportunity than the world has ever seen.

If you want more information, go to the site I have that a couple of people on my team – Ed and David – have set up so you can get more information. AFTER going through it, CONTACT me through here or call me directly at 706-839-6571

If you’re wanting to make some money – I mean serious money – THIS is the opportunity for you, and you should click on the link NOW.

After Christmas, and leading up to the New Year, I will put more and more information on here about other things I will be doing to change things and add to what Beyond the Charts means.

Exciting times are upon us for sure!

Be encouraged,

David James


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