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Lot’s of things happening.

October 1st, Beyond the Charts launches the website to the public that I’ve been hyping and talking about for some time now. It’s a Basic Launch with about 50 items to start with, yet each week more items will be added and over time I’ll build up to the Full Launch I’ll do that will have hundreds of products available.

Also, I’m going to be back to regularly putting blog entries up here on MySpace and I’ll play catch up with telling you about my experience at Dragon*Con, what I thought about the G.I.JOE movie, and the book reviews I’ve been promising you.

I’m wondering something though, how many of you are on Twitter?

If you aren’t it’s real easy to start an account and it’s fun. Just go to to get started.

For the rest of you that are on there with followers, let me make a request of you. Since the website is getting launched on October 1st, I want to generate as much buzz on Twitter as I can. Here’s some tweets you can put on there for me to help generate that buzz:

Between now and Thursday, at least once a day you can post this to get people talking:

RT @beyondthecharts – please retweet: launches October 1st.

Then on October 1st, I would appreciate it if you post this at least three times – or as many more as you want:

RT @beyondthecharts – please retweet: Today launches. Check it out!

Then for as many days as you’d like after October 1st, I would appreciate it if you post this:

RT @beyondthecharts – please retweet: has launched!

I hope that as many of you as possible can help out this way. Thanks!

Be encouraged,

David James
Founder – Beyond the Charts, LLC

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